50t/h High-calcium Grinding Mill 150-200mesh For Sale


In recent years, my country’s ore milling industry has developed rapidly. The 150-200 mesh mill with an annual output of 50 tons is one of the important equipment on the production line, and its performance affects the efficiency of the production line. With the expansion of the milling industry, the demand for milling machines is increasing.

50t/h High-calcium Grinding Mill Hot Sale

1. Adopt sealed gear box and pulley, the transmission of the bearing is good, the equipment runs stably, stable and reliable, the process of air separation is also carried out in the sealed space, the air circulation, the air flow can be reused, reducing the system energy consumption and reducing.  Dust overflow, energy saving and environmental protection throughout the production process.

2. The grinding pressure of the grinding roller on the material is increased, the grinding powder is more delicate, the feed particle size is large, the one-time processing capacity is increased, the grinding ratio is high, and the screening rate of the grinding powder is as high as 99%, which is difficult to achieve by other grinding equipment .

3. The high-chromium alloy materials used in wearable parts enhance the wear resistance and compression resistance, reduce the probability of equipment failure, reduce the time for shutdown and maintenance, and save production costs.

The production capacity of the 50-ton 150-200 mesh high calcium stone mill can meet the needs of users and meet the relevant national regulations. The energy consumption in the production process is low, and the grinding process is more than enough. For the grinding market, it is a very good production assistant is favored and won the trust of users.

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