Analysis On Investment Prospect Of Activated Carbon Market


At present, activated carbon technology is very prominent in the fields of water treatment and air pollution prevention. In terms of flue gas treatment, activated carbon technology does not increase secondary pollution, and activated carbon flue gas integration technology has entered the recommended flue gas treatment technology in China; In terms of sewage treatment, activated carbon is combined with other technologies to participate in sewage treatment processes at all levels. Therefore, the development of activated carbon industry has been strongly supported by the national macro industrial policy in recent two years. In addition, with the recent increase of environmental protection, the prosperity of the industry is rising.

The most extensive and traditional application field of activated carbon is used as adsorbent. Its specific application fields include food industry, pharmaceutical industry, drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, gas purification, chemical smelting and other application fields. In general, it can be divided into liquid phase adsorption and gas phase adsorption. At the same time, activated carbon is often used as catalyst and catalyst carrier; In addition, activated carbon has also been developed as a storage medium for high energy density substances and electric energy in recent years, and has been applied in many emerging fields such as natural gas adsorption and electric energy storage.

The traditional production countries of the global activated carbon industry include the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries. With the restriction of raw materials and the continuous improvement of production costs, the activated carbon industry is gradually transferred to developing countries. While the production of activated carbon in developed countries such as the United States, Japan and Western Europe is gradually decreasing, its domestic market demand is still growing steadily, and its domestic activated carbon can not meet various needs and needs to be supplemented by a large number of imports.

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