Analysis On The Competitive Status Of Kaolin Industry


Market Competition Pattern Of Raw Mineral Products

The kaolin industry has a high degree of marketization, different application fields have different requirements for kaolin physical and chemical indexes, and the competition relationship between kaolin used in ceramics, papermaking, coatings, catalysts and other different fields is small. Kaolin resources for high-quality ceramics are scarce.

Market Competition Pattern Of Concentrate Products

The concentrate product market takes processing technology and quality as the key competitive factors. The main processing technologies include iron removal technology, grinding and stripping technology and ore blending technology. The whiteness of kaolin products is improved through iron removal, grinding and stripping technology is developed to optimize the particle size of kaolin, and the stability of kaolin product quality is improved through ore blending. With the development of market demand to medium and high grade and the gradual reduction of high-quality kaolin resources, kaolin processing technology has developed rapidly, and technology and quality competition have been paid more and more attention by enterprises.

Market Competition Pattern Of Comprehensive Utilization Products

Porcelain stone, high silica and other natural resources have large reserves, wide distribution, many mining points, simple production and processing process, and the market has relatively low requirements for grade. Therefore, the market competition is sufficient, focusing on cost and scale competition.

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