Application Of Activated Carbon In Wastewater Treatment


The unique advantages of activated carbon adsorption for water treatment are as follows:

1. Application Of In The Treatment Of Wastewater Containing Heavy Metals

(1) The production process of treating electroplating chromium containing wastewater, using environmental protection carbon to treat chromium plating rinsing water, galvanizing passivation cleaning water and chemical oxidation cleaning water has achieved the purpose of comprehensive treatment of heavy metal pollution such as hexavalent chromium. The process of treating chromium containing wastewater with environmental protection carbon is simple and good. It is especially suitable for electroplating water with hexavalent chromium concentration below 150mg / L.

(2) Treatment of cyanide containing wastewater by catalytic oxidation method is a method of treating cyanide containing wastewater by impregnating catalytic active substances on the surface of activated carbon and using oxygen (or air) as oxidant. This is a new decyanation method that may replace alkaline chlorination method. Plasma is used to treat the surface of activated carbon, The efficiency of cyanide treatment can be increased by about 15%.

2. Application Of In Printing And Dyeing Wastewater Treatment

At home and abroad, chemical methods (oxidation method, coagulation method, electrolysis method), physicochemical methods (adsorption method, membrane method), biological methods (bacterial feeding method, anaerobic aerobic method) are used to treat printing and dyeing wastewater. Among them, activated carbon adsorption method and its combination method are important and better.

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