Calcium Carbonate Grinding Process


There are two ways to make fine and ultra fine ground calcium carbonate powder. One is dry grinding of calcium carbonate and the other is wet grinding.

Dry Grinding Process Of Calcium Carbonate

For commercial manufacturing, dry grinding of calcium carbonate involves crushing and grinding basic materials such as limestone or marble. And there are several kinds of calcium carbonate grinding mill for dry grinding, such as ball mill, Raymond mill, vibrating mill, roller mill, vertical mill, jet mill, and so on.

Wet Grinding Mill for Calcium Carbonate

Wet grinding of calcium carbonate obtains calcium carbonate powder by grinding the slurry form of raw material. And it mainly uses wet batching mill. Wet grinding mill produces calcium carbonate powder with D60=2μm and D90=2μm as paper filler and paint product.

In all, to choose the best suited calcium carbonate grinding mill, you need to understand the working principle of these mills, its production capacity, energy consumption and so on. Besides, there are other factors to be considered: property of raw material, applications of final products, desired fineness and so on.

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