Cement Clinker Grinding Process


At present, cement clinker grinding process industry widely adopted vertical roller mill as a cement raw materials, improves the automation of cement clinker grinding process line, in the cement clinker grinding process, not only solves the slag of the impact on the environment, but also provides a lot of cement to the market, to meet the social development demand for a variety of high quality cement.

The slag grinding is an important link in the cement clinker grinding process, the grinding efficiency and grinding quality directly affects the quality of slag cement clinker grinding process cost. Vertical roller mill as the core equipment of slag grinding production process, setgrinding, lifting, finely drying, powder selection and a series of processes in one. Its grinding efficiency is high, the drying ability, compact structure, into the particle size of grinding material, low noise, has become the preferred equipment for grinding process in cement clinker grinding process.

Cement clinker grinding process line equipment installation order of crusher – dryer – mill – raw resident – mean – calcining, clinker cooling and crushing – mill cement resident – handling. cement clinker grinding process line needs two mill, raw mill selection of ball mill, clinker grinding using vertical roller mill, so that the cement clinker grinding process efficiency 30-40%.

Many cement plants using vertical roller mill in cement procudtion process, the effect is very significant. Vertical roller mill drives the disc through the speed reducer to rotate, and a hot air can enter from the air inlet in the mill, the material from the feed opening falls on the disc central and due to the centrifugal force, move to the edge of the grinding disc, the disc is an annular groove after the grinding roller rolling and crushing, slowly by air flow away, the larger particles continue to accept rolling.

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