Equipment Selection For The Application Of Quicklime Powder


What is quicklime? In fact, its main component is calcium oxide, which is mainly formed by calcining and decomposing natural rocks at high temperature. Quicklime has a very wide range of industrial uses, and its application value in the pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, food industry, and clothing industry is relatively high. . It can be seen from a large number of quicklime customer sites that it is a kind of grinding device with relatively mature technology and the most widely used in this field.

The Application Of Quicklime Powder

1. Quicklime can be used as filler for epoxy adhesives, and it can also be used to produce calcium carbide, soda ash, and bleaching powder. It can be used as a building material in construction, and it can also be used as a metallurgical co-solvent.

2. Quicklime can be used as a drug carrier, as a soil amendment and calcium fertilizer, and as a vegetable oil decolorizer. It is very good for the serious water pollution now, and quicklime can be used for acidic wastewater treatment.

3. Quicklime has a good moisture absorption capacity, so it can be used as a boiler deactivation protective agent, which can keep the metal surface of the boiler dry, which can play a role in preventing corrosion.

The Selection Of Quicklime Powder Making Equipment

Shanghai Zenith Mineral Co., Ltd. believes that professional quality and first-class service are the inexhaustible driving force to promote the development of the enterprise. In order to create a first-class quicklime mill, it insists on introducing wear-resistant materials, special rubber and other materials to produce mills. The accessories, in terms of production technology, strive for perfection, in the flour milling technology, on the basis of the original strengths and avoid weaknesses, covering a number of patented technologies, effectively ensuring the high-yield, high-efficiency, and high-quality operation of the quicklime mill.

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