Five Factors Affecting Grinding Fineness Of Grinding Mill


Hardness Of Grinded Ore

Hardness varies with ore, which is determined by the nature of the ore and directly affects the grinding difficulty and fineness of the ore.Although the hardness of ore can not be changed, we can achieve reasonable and even grinding fineness by reasonable ore blending to make the ore as large as possible uniform, massive and powder ore proportion reasonable and stable as possible in grinding production.

Adjustment Of Crushing Size And Screen Hole

Crusher is usually equipped in grinding production line. Material is crushed before grinding, so the particle size of crushed material also affects the grinding fineness.Therefore, we must supervise the crushing system to ensure that materials with uniform grain size are crushed out, and the finer the better, so as to avoid affecting the performance of the grinder due to uneven material sizes.

Grader Opening Height And Size

In many grinding production lines, because the size of classifier opening is not adjusted well when installing equipment, and workers pay no attention to it during operation, the grinding operation and grinding fineness are also affected invisibly.Therefore, during installation and production, we must pay attention to checking the size and height of the openings of the classifier.

Wear Of Classifier Blades

The blades of the classifier directly affect the performance of the grinder. When the blades are worn, the relative amount of sand returned will be reduced, resulting in the roughening of grinding fineness. Moreover, if the blades are worn severely, the service life of the classifier will be directly affected and the overall performance of the grinder will be affected.Therefore, when working, it is necessary to check the wear of blades regularly and replace the worn blades in time.

Elevation Height Of Classifier Spindle

In general normal grinding production, the main shaft of classifier is required to be in position.In some concentrators, because the material in the classifier is not cleaned up, the long-term settling will result in solid settling, which will cause the main shaft of the classifier not to be put in place, thus reducing the amount of sand returned.In addition, the main shaft of the classifier is not put in place or it may be because the main shaft has not been cleaned and oiled for a long time, so pay more attention to it during operation and clean it regularly.

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