Fly Ash Grinding And Processing Equipment


Fly ash is a waste produced by the thermal power industry. After processing, it can be used for secondary use and has a wide range of uses.

Raymond mill is a better choice for processing fly ash. The particle size of the finished product is between 80 and 325 mesh. The transmission device is set up with a sealed gear box and a pulley. More than 99%, in line with the material requirements of the industrial field. The centralized control of the electrical system is adopted, with a high degree of automation and real-time monitoring of operations, which is safer and more reliable, saving time and effort.

The application of Raymond mill to fly ash processing also has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, good effect, energy saving, green and low carbon, stable operation, etc. It is equipped with a centralized control device, which requires less personnel in intelligent operation. The original discharge method is changed to overflow-type control discharge, which improves the grinding granularity, the qualified rate of the finished product is high, and the grinding fineness adjustment range is large. user cost.

Fly ash has many uses after processing, such as:

All fly ash replaces the conventional material clay;

Use lime or cement stabilized fly ash as road base or subbase material;

Fly ash is used together with lime to improve the subgrade soil quality;

Fly ash is used as road embankment filling material;

Fly ash is used for structural backfilling;

Fly ash is used as grouting material for road engineering;

Fly ash is used as asphalt concrete pavement admixture, etc.

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