How To Adjust The Fineness Of Materials


The vertical mill basically adjusts the fineness of the material by adjusting the speed of the separator and the air inlet volume, as follows:

1. Adjust The Air Intake

The material in the vertical mill is taken away by the wind through a closed pipe, and then collected by the powder collector, so the size of the wind plays an important role in the collection of the finished material.

Some of the wind in the vertical mill enters from the hot blast stove, and some enters from the outside air. The size of the wind entering the system affects the efficiency of the powder material through the separator to a certain extent.

The user can adjust the air volume during the production process to adjust the fineness of the finished material. There is an air volume regulating valve installed on the machine. When the air volume is large, the fineness of the finished material passed is small, and vice versa.

2. Adjust The Speed Of The Powder Separator

In the vertical structure of the vertical mill, the powder separator and the host are controlled by two motors respectively. The motor that controls the rotation of the powder concentrator is a speed-regulating motor, and the user can adjust the motor speed according to the material fineness requirements.

The speed control motor is directly connected to the powder separator. When the user needs to reduce the fineness of the finished material and the speed of the belt conveyor is to reduce the speed of the powder separator, it can be realized by slowing down the speed control motor. On the contrary, if you want to increase the fineness of the finished material, The speed of the speed-regulating motor can be increased.

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