How To Choose Ball Mill Accessories


The end cover of the ball mill is the part where the ball mill bearing is installed. The bearing position of the ball mill end cover bears a lot of force. The material of the end cover of the ball mill is divided into cast iron and cast steel. The tensile strength and toughness of the end cover of the cast iron ball mill are higher than those of the cast steel ball mill. The end cover is weak, so the end cover of the ball mill is preferably made of cast steel;

The large gear of the ball mill is the transmission part of the ball mill, and it needs a material with good wear resistance, impact resistance, toughness and strength;

It is best to use professional gear steel plus quenching and tempering treatment and quenching treatment for the pinion of the ball mill, otherwise the pinion of the ball mill is easy to wear and fail;

The ball mill liner is a component that is in direct contact with the ore and steel balls. Generally, materials with better wear resistance are used to improve the service life. The cost of replacing the ball mill liner is very high and the man-hour is also very long.

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