How To Deal With The Dust Problem Of The Grinding Mill


In the production process of mineral powder mills, dust will inevitably cause pollution to the environment. How to avoid or minimize dust pollution has become the primary issue that mineral powder manufacturers need to consider. Avoiding dust pollution not only requires us to master the correct method of starting the mill, but also requires us to work hard on the selection of equipment. In view of dust pollution, ZENITH MRN mill has the best solution.

The choice of dust collector for the mill is generally equipped with an ordinary bag filter, which is a simple and manual dust collector. After the mill is turned on, a large amount of dust will be generated within ten seconds. According to this feature, our company adapts the pulse dust collector, which can purify the dust in the mill and discharge it automatically. The production site environment using the pulse dust collector meets the national environmental protection requirements. The dust emission standard is less than 30mg/M3, based on customized requirement, the standard can also reach 20mg/M3 or even 10mg/M3.

Dust leakage from the feed port of the mill is easy to cause dust pollution and difficult to deal with it. ZENITH mill adjusts the air intake and discharge volume of the fan to make the whole machine in a negative pressure state, effectively sucking in the dust at the feed port, and greatly reduces the intake dust at the feed port.

Nowadays, green production has become the goal of the development of mining machinery. For all enterprises in China, no matter when they produce energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment, they can gain a foothold in the market. For ZENITH, we can only open up a new era of green mine construction and realize the national energy-saving and environmental protection requirements by not forgetting our original intention, based on summarizing the traditional mills and strictly following the regulations of the environmental protection law that has been implemented.

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