How To Repair Outlet Of The Vertical Roller Mill


The vertical roller mill is a large-scale grinding equipment. The internal devices are relatively complete, including the grinding device, drying device, and powder selection device. The material needs to go through multiple links to become qualified finished powder. In order to ensure the quality of the finished powder, the vertical mill can dry materials with high water content and high humidity.

Due to the friction medium of the fine particles and the air flow at the discharge port, the discharge port is gradually damaged by friction with the extension of the operating time of the milling equipment. Damage to the discharge port will affect the output of the finished product.

How To Repair Outlet Of The Vertical Roller Mill

After the discharge port of the vertical mill is damaged, we should first repair and repair the discharge port, remove moisture and rust. Pay attention to the repair and welding work. The material of the erosion and defect parts should be matched with the vertical mill equipment. Then wipe the rust and grease on the surface of the discharge port, and also use the baking method to remove the moisture. Every place must be processed in place to ensure the uniform wear resistance of the repaired discharge port and lay the foundation for subsequent work. .

After simply processing the surface of the discharge port of the vertical mill, the corresponding heating and curing work can be carried out. The duration of heating and curing generally takes up to 30 minutes, and the specific heating time depends on the situation. After the curing work is completed, it is not allowed to directly input materials for processing. After the grinding process is performed again and the normal operation can be ensured, the vertical mill can only be turned on.

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