How To Improve The Grinding Efficiency Of The Mill


In cement production, the mill is still the main grinding equipment that cannot be completely replaced, and it is also the production equipment with the largest power consumption and metal wear. Improving the grinding efficiency of the mill has been the main scientific research topic of grinding experts at home and abroad. The so-called technical measures to improve the output and fineness of the grinding efficiency of the mill are to optimize, combine and combine various factors related to the output and fineness, so that they can make full, effective, reasonable and scientific use of the kinetic energy of the grinding body.

These factors mainly include: the performance of the grinding process and its supporting auxiliary machines (such as powder separator, pre-grinding machine, grinding tail dust collection system), the characteristics of the materials to be ground (variety and ratio, particle size, Comprehensive moisture, grind-ability index, etc.), product fineness (sieve residue, specific surface area, particle grading and morphology), mill ventilation, partition board and discharge position, shape of the working surface of the lining board, grinding body Filling rate and its gradation, milling speed, grinding production operation and control of equipment (that is, adapting to changes in process conditions), etc.

In the classification of crushing machinery, crushing machinery is generally divided into two categories: crushing machinery and grinding machinery according to the degree of crushing required by the product. However, some crushing machinery have both crushing and grinding capabilities, so they are often used as pre-grinding (pre-crushing) equipment.

The above-mentioned technical factors that are closely related to output and quality are both complementary and mutually reinforcing. The degree of optimal combination of these related elements is different, and their effects are different. Improper handling will also lead to production reduction, quality reduction and consumption increase. The relevant factors are now explained separately.

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