Limestone Mining Application Industry


Limestone is mainly composed of Cao, MgO, CO2, etc. it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, building materials, environmental protection, agriculture and food.

Metallurgical Industry

As a carrier of calcium oxide in steel making, it combines coke ash and other unnecessary or harmful associated elements such as silicon, aluminum, sulfur and phosphorus to form fusible slag and discharge it out of the furnace.

Chemical Industry

Filling agent for rubber industry, raw material for making calcium carbide, bleaching agent, alkali making, soda, calcium nitrate, calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, organic acid and its derivatives, ethylene oxide, glycerin, magnesia extracted from seawater, nitrogen fertilizer, carbon dioxide, calcium oxide, light (precipitated calcium carbonate), etc.

Construction Industry

Construction mortar, various types of lime, crushed stone, asphalt mixture for road construction, etc.

Agriculture And Forestry

Calcium fertilizer, acid soil conditioner, feed calcium additive, epidemic prevention, insecticide, disinfectant, etc.

Building Materials Industry


Main raw materials of Portland cement.


The main raw material of Cao is the stabilizer in glass.


Main raw materials for Cao introduction.


Lime milk is used as mineralizer in order to obtain solid material embryo and accelerate the transformation of quartz into phosphorite quartz and cristobalite.

Food Industry

Sugar, food storage (preservative), etc.

Environmental Protection

Flue gas desulfurization, industrial wastewater treatment, etc.

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