LM Vertical Roller Mil In Pyrophyllite Powder For Glass Fiber Production


Glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. The material has very high insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and mechanical strength. It is often used as a reinforcing material in composite materials, electrical insulation materials, and thermal insulation materials. Various fields of the national economy, such as circuit substrates, are new materials industries that the state encourages the development of. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, construction, environmental protection, aviation, national defense and other fields.

Raw Material Processing

The production of glass fiber is inseparable from the participation of non-metallic minerals. It mainly uses six kinds of ores of pyrophyllite, quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, boronite, and boronite as raw materials.

Pyrophyllite glass is a raw material for alkali-free glass and some medium-alkali glass: it can be made into glass fiber by smelting with quartz to make glass fiber reinforced plastic, or it can be made into acid, alkali and high temperature resistant glass cloth. It is a new type of wall-mounted material. Al2O3>25% SiO2<70%; Fe2O3<0.4%; K2O<1%, free of colored metals and impurities, waxstone should be light in color, white cement and limestone should be mixed, ground and fired to produce white cement Al2O3<20 % Fe2O3<0.5%.

Shanghai Zenith LM Vertical Roller Mill is recommended for producing pyrophyllite powder for Glass fiber production

LM Vertical Roller Mill With Short Grinding Time & Low Iron Content

The materials linger in the grinding mill for a short time, which can reduce repeated grinding and is easy to detect and control the grain size and chemical component of the product. In addition, the grinding roller and millstone do not contact directly. The iron content in the product is very low, and the iron generated due to mechanical wear is easy to be removed, thus effectively guaranteeing the whiteness and purity of the material.

Greener & More Automated LM Vertical Roller Mill

The operation of LM grinding mill is stable and has small vibration, so that the noise is small. The system is sealed in an integral manner and works under negative pressure, so that there is no dust spilling and the environment can keep clean with the emission standard far better than the international standard. LM grinding mill is also equipped with expert-level automatic control system, which can realize free switch between remote control and local control. The operations are simple and labor-saving.

Digitalized Processing, Higher Precision

There are tens of lines of numerical controlling machine tools. Operations such as steel plates’ cutting, bending, planing, milling and paint spraying are all controlled numerically. The machining precision is high, especially for the core

From aspects of grinding efficiency, powder drying, abrasion of vulnerable parts and maintenance & replacement of spare parts, Shanghai Zenith’s LM Vertical Grinding Mill achieves lower energy consumption, stronger drying capacity, as well as lower abrasion and easier checks of core parts, saving the operating costs greatly.

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