LUM Ultrafine Vertical Mill For Calcite Processing Production


Calcite production line is a new energy-saving and efficient grinding production line which combines ultrafine vertical mill technology with self-diverting fine powder classification technology perfectly.

The outstanding feature of LUM ultrafine vertical mill production line is that it has made revolutionary progress and breakthrough in energy-saving technology and grading accuracy compared with other ball grinding grading production lines, and saves more than 40% energy than other ball grinding grading production lines and other grinding machines.

Calcite Ultrafine Production Line

After rough crushing, the material enters the ultrafine vertical mill by lifting conveying equipment. The grinding medium in the grinder relies on the energy obtained when the grinder rotates to impact crush and grind the material. The crushed material is classified into the self-shunting fine grinding classifier through the unloading bin to realize the separation of coarse and fine grinding. Qualified fine grinding is collected by the collector.The coarse particles are re-entered into the ball grinder by the lower end of the classifier for crushing, and the purified gas is discharged by the induction fan.

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