Pulverizer Realizes The Application Of Slag Powder In Concrete


The pulverizer can be used in the pulverizing and processing of various ore materials. A certain amount of slag will be produced during the ore production and processing. After a long time of accumulation, this will not only occupy land resources, but also cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, The disposal of slag has always been an urgent problem to be solved. With the improvement of national related equipment and technology, slag has also been correspondingly applied, turning it into a treasure. Among them, the pulverizer can process the slag into slag powder of different fineness, and then apply it in many industries, and its slag powder has a very good application in concrete.

Without changing the water-cement ratio, replacing cement with the equivalent of 30-70% slag powder will reduce the early strength of concrete. However, because the slag powder requires less water than cement, the water-cement ratio can be reduced in practice. When the same slump is reached, the early strength of concrete will not actually decrease. In actual components, due to the internal temperature rise, the cement strength will decrease. But after adding slag powder, the temperature rise in the concrete is beneficial to the strength development. The higher the temperature, the faster the strength development, so the early strength in the actual component can be improved, and the later strength growth is faster than that of pure cement concrete, especially in 60 days. After 90 days, even a year later, the strength of concrete has increased significantly.

After mixing slag powder, on the one hand, the amount of cement is reduced, which also reduces the internal factors of corrosion; on the other hand, because the particles of slag powder are finer than cement, they can be evenly dispersed into the cement paste. These particles will be hydrated. Filling in the voids of cement stone improves the pore structure of concrete, gradually reduces the permeability of concrete, effectively inhibits alkali-aggregate reaction, improves sulfate resistance, and enhances seawater corrosion resistance. In general, the ability to resist chemical corrosion is improved and the durability of concrete is enhanced.

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