Pyrophyllite Properties And Uses


Pyrophyllite Properties

The chemical composition of pyrophyllite is Al2[Si4O10](OH)2, which is a silicate mineral. In the theoretical chemical composition, the content of Al2O3 is 28.3%, the content of SiO2 is 66.7%, and the content of H2O is 5.0%.

Pyrophyllite Uses

In today’s social life, pyrophyllite is widely used as refractory materials, ceramics, construction materials, glass fibers, pesticides, molecular sieves due to its insulation, acid resistance, low thermal conductivity, high melting point and high specific heat. It can also be used as fillers for rubber, paper, paint, plastics, candy, medicine, etc., in addition to synthetic diamonds, petroleum, electrical, etc.; it can also be used as high-grade paving materials.

Shanghai Zenith LM Vertical Roller Mill is recommended for producing pyrophyllite powder for the above application

LM Vertical Roller Mill With Less Comprehensive Investment

LM Vertical Grinding Mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, separating and transport. The structure is simple while the layout is compact. Its occupational area is about 50% of that of the ball-milling system. The LM grinding mill can also be arranged outdoors, which greatly reduces the investment cost.

LM Vertical Roller Mill with Comprehensive Optimization, Lower Operating Costs

From aspects of grinding efficiency, powder drying, abrasion of vulnerable parts and maintenance & replacement of spare parts, Shanghai Zenith’s LM Vertical Grinding Mill achieves lower energy consumption, stronger drying capacity, as well as lower abrasion and easier checks of core parts, saving the operating costs greatly.

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