Quartz Powder Production Line From Zenith


After the quartz stone mined from the mine is processed, the product whose particle size is generally on the 120-mesh sieve is called quartz sand. The product that has passed the 120-mesh sieve is called quartz powder. Quartz powder is divided into two production methods, dry method and wet method. With various conventional specifications: 120Mesh, 200 Mesh, 260 Mesh, 325Mesh, 600Mesh, 800Mesh, 1000Mesh and 2000Mesh. In addition, special-shaped specifications can also be processed according to customer requirements, and generally can be processed if particle size distribution is required.

1. Dry production of quartz powder, the main equipment includes Shanghai Zenith crushers, mills, vibrating screens, etc. The technological process is that the quartz stone is processed into smaller stones by a crusher, and the stones are processed by a rod mill to process sand, and then they are screened by a vibrating screen or a powder separator. Then the sub-packaging is completed and put into storage.

2. The main equipment for producing quartz powder by wet method is crusher, drum stone washing machine, ceramic ball mill, hydrocyclone, vibrating screen, waterway system, etc.

Quality Standard

Chemical composition indicators used in the glass industry

Grade SIO2-% ≥ AL2O3-% ≤ Fe2O3 ≤ CaO+MgO-% ≤ Refractoriness
Special grade 99.99 minimum 0.01 minimum 1750
Level 1 99.9 0.05 0.02 0.05 1750
Level 2 99.5 0.3 0.035 0.2 1730
Level 3 98.5 0.5 0.06 0.5 1710
Level 4 95.0 4.0 0.035 0.5 —-
Level 5 95.0 4.0 0.06 0.5 —-
Level 6 98.0 0.5 0.3 0.5 —-

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