SCM Ultrafine Mill For Activated Carbon Production Line


At present, under the guidance of China’s energy conservation and emission reduction policies, coal resources development has vigorously developed emerging industries such as activated carbon. In the national strategic emerging industry plan, it is clearly proposed to take the activated carbon industry as an important development task in the new period, pay attention to the structural adjustment of coal resource development, and realize the full excavation and maximum utilization of resource value.

XZM series ultra-fine mill integrate ultra-fine powder technology and the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, realize the further development of coal products, and promote the industrial upgrading of traditional resources and the technological transformation in the new era.

XZM superfine mill is one of the coal deep processing equipment recommended by Shibang machine to customers. Its main purpose is to roll and pulverize the coal after the crushing link for the manufacture of activated carbon. The development of coal processing industry towards the activated carbon market can effectively curb the environmental pollution caused by traditional processing technology and promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s energy structure.

As an important branch of new materials and carbon materials, activated carbon is characterized by good adsorption function and belongs to green environmental protection products. At the same time, activated carbon has a wider application space and has a good development prospect in toxic gas purification, waste gas treatment, industrial and domestic water purification, solvent recovery and so on.

The development of activated carbon industry has very broad development prospects. XZM series ultra-fine pulverizer independently developed by Shibang has become the main driving force for the further development of activated carbon industry. From the current development of the coal industry, the ultra-fine pulverizer has become a green energy-saving expert with equipment advantages. Driven by the national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection, it will make an important contribution to the optimization and upgrading of China’s coal industry.

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