The Application Of Gypsum And Mining Process


The application of gypsum powder is mainly divided into two categories according to the method of use:

1. Gypsum powder is directly mainly used for cement industry, to adjust the setting time of cement.

2. Gypsum powder after calcination is named plaster of Paris (CaSO4.0.5 H2O), mainly used in building materials and ceramic mold and medical purposes.

Production Technology And Main Equipment

Pulverizing before calcining process is most commonly used,

Natural gypsum – crushing – homogenization – pulverizing – calcining process.

Calcining equipment: frying pan, rotary kiln and fluidized bed;

Gypsum powder grinding mill can be divided into vertical grinding mill, trapezium mill and ball mill;

Gypsum Powder Grinding Mill Features

Ball mill is an old type mill, with high energy consumption, large area of land and large noise and dust.

Gypsum MTW Trapezium mill is simple, the equipment investment is small, the energy consumption is low and the product quality is stable;

Gypsum vertical mill has large capacity and high configuration.

Technical Requirements For Gypsum

Grading of gypsum plaster powder for building purpose Flexural strength (MPa)   Compressive strength(MPa) Fineness (0.2mm sieve residue)
Superior product ≥2.5 ≥5 ≤2
 First class product ≥2.1 ≥4 ≤3
Qualified products ≥1.8 ≥3 ≤5

Recommended equipment for gypsum powder production: Shanghai Zenith LM Vertical Roller Mill.

Features: Shanghai Zenith LM Vertical roller mill has large capacity, high degree of process automation, high environmental protection configuration, long-term operation stability and low power consumption, and is currently the most widely used in the market, bring you fast investment recovery in the gypsum powder production industry.

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