The Technical Requirement Of Steel Slag Powder


Application of Steel Slag in New Building Material Engineering to produce a new type of concrete.

By grinding steel slag to increases the activity of industrial waste slag and it is used as a concrete admixture in the sixth component of concrete—mineral fine admixture . The fine grinding process not only reduces the particle size of the slag powder, increases its specific surface area, and further hydrates the f-CaO in the slag powder to improve the stability of the slag powder. It is also accompanied by changes in the crystal lattice structure and surface physical and chemical properties of the slag powder. The grinding energy is converted into the internal energy and surface energy of the slag powder to improve the cementitiousness of the steel slag. Using the mutual excitability of steel slag powder and blast furnace ore powder, and adding appropriate exciters, high-performance concrete cementitious materials can be formulated.

The technical requirement of steel slag powder in concrete and cement is as follows.

Recommended equipment for steel slag powder production: Shanghai Zenith LM Vertical Roller Mill.

Features: Shanghai Zenith LM Vertical roller mill has large capacity, high degree of process automation, high environmental protection configuration, long-term operation stability and low power consumption, and is currently the most widely used in the market, bring you fast investment recovery in the gypsum powder production industry.

National standard for technical specification of granulated blast furnace slag powder used in cement and concrete

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