Ultrafine Vertical Mill For Talc Grinding Process


Operating Principle Of Ultrafine Vertical Mill

Vertical grinding uses the relative motion of grinding roll and grinding disc to grind the material in bed. With the increase of grinding pressure of grinding roll, the fineness of material becomes smaller.Fine material is lifted up by air flow and graded in the grinding by the grading device above it. Coarse crushing falls into the grinding disc and is crushed again.Qualified fine powders are ground by air and collected in a bag filter.

Structural Characteristics Of Ultra-fine Vertical Mill

(1) Grinding disc and roll are designed as curved surface. Material is first roughly ground in the rough grinding area according to the grinding track and then ultrafine ground in the fine grinding area.

(2) The pressure of grinding roll is up to 10-15MPa, which can reasonably control the speed of grinding disc and the pressure of grinding roll according to material characteristics;High grinding efficiency, 2-10 in discharging materialμHigh content of M grain size.

(3) Unique design of grinding inner air ring. The wind speed at the air ring reaches above 30 m/s, which ensures that the fine material after superfine grinding enters the grading device driven by air flow and the coarse material falls into the air ring and discharges from the grinding inner part.

Application Of Ultra-fine Vertical Mill In Talcum Powder Processing

Ultrafine vertical grinding is used for talcum powder production, which has the advantages of green energy-saving, stable product and large-scale production.

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