Ultrafine Vertical Mill Selection And Total Investment


Raw Material Hardness

It can be seen from the working principle of ultrafine vertical mill that the hardness of raw materials is the key to the selection of equipment, resulting in the investment in the host, auxiliary equipment, infrastructure investment and operation cost of ultrafine vertical mill.

If Raymond mill is used to process ultra-fine quartz powder, the pressurization (hydraulic or mechanical) system needs to exert enough pressure to crush the materials. The increase of pressure increases the manufacturing cost and operation cost of ultrafine vertical mill, especially the reliability of magic stick and grinding plate is greatly reduced, the failure rate of pressurization system is increased, and ultrafine vertical mill shutdown and maintenance costs are sharply increased.

Product Particle Size And Shape

Product particle size and its distribution and product particle shape are one of the most basic and important indicators in the industrial application of non-metallic mineral products. Although the product particle size distribution mainly depends on the classification equipment, the material particle group sent by the grinding equipment during processing greatly restricts the classification efficiency and equipment productivity, resulting in great changes in the total investment. What equipment is used to control particle size and particle shape, whether it is through one-stage grinding or multi-stage grinding, and the crushing ratio of each grinding is more than ten, which greatly affects the total investment.

Impurity Characteristics

The most fatal defect of the products obtained from the processing of non-metallic minerals is the problem of impurities and removal, which should be paid great attention from the beginning. The impurities brought into mineral mining bring a high price for subsequent separation, sorting, processing and impurity removal, and greatly increase the production cost, which has not attracted the attention of processing enterprises. The extensive mining method not only wastes one-time resources, but also pollutes the environment and brings irreparable future problems to the improvement of the performance of the final product. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the intrusion of impurities in the selection of mining and transportation equipment.

Operating Cost

Operating costs are often ignored by investors. According to the system composition and working principle of ultrafine vertical mill, the actual situation of vulnerable parts, consumable materials and moving parts should be understood in detail, such as reliability, service life, cost, maintenance time, replacement mode, degree of automation, knowledge requirements of operators, etc., so as to determine the selection of equipment and calculate the investment cost.

Capital Construction Cost

Capital construction cost mainly includes the basic characteristics of equipment, such as material characteristics of excavated foundation, construction and management of bearing foundation, occupied area, plant height and span, building materials, etc.

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