Vertical Roller Mill Routine Maintenance


To prolong the service life of vertical roller mill, reduce the number of repair, we must do a good job in maintenance of vertical roller mill, specific steps may refer to the following maintenance method.

  1. Often listen to vertical roller mill running sound is normal, there is no noise.
  2. Check the reducer and other equipment leaks, Water Leakage, material leakage phenomenon.
  3. A monthly check of vertical roller mill seal.
  4. Regularly check the scraper and feed back system function.
  5. Every day to check oil level in oil tank, pump station,when necessary to gas, gas and oil products to the provisions of the accord; check the pressure gauge pressure; check the filter is blocked.
  6. Check the vertical roller mill lubrication station back to the oil, the oil pressure is normal.
  7. Often check the tubing and valves leaks.
  8. Each 1000h measurement of a millstone, lining board wear and record the grinding roller.
  9. The weekly check a vertical mill pressure accumulator.
  10. Regular inspection center frame, nozzle, guide vane, the spray pipe and other mill accessories.

The above is about the vertical roller mill routine maintenance needing attention. As long as the daily work make careful observation of the machine, found the problem to the first time, reduce the loss to the enterprise.

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