Vertical Roller Mill VS Ball Mill


Grinding Efficiency

Vertical roller mill uses the bed grinding principle to grind materials. It is 30% of higher than ball mill. In the drying capacity, vertical mill can dry the materials with 12% -15% of moisture,

Ball mill only can dry the materials with 3% -4% of moisture.

Investment Analysis

Vertical mill has the separator, using hot flue gas to convey material, and do not need the powder selecting machine and elevator. Vertical mill system has the advantages of simple process, low failure rate, high operation rate, and compact layout. Its construction area is smaller of 70% than ball milling. The building space is ball mill’s 50-60%.

Advantage Comparison

Vertical mill has the environment protection advantage. During working, vertical mill has the low noise and little dust. The grinding roller and the grinding disc are not in direct contact. Its noise is 20-25 dB lower than the ball mill. Vertical mill adopts a whole sealing system operation, under negative pressure. It has the advantages of less dust and the clean environment.

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