Zenith Calcite Grinding Mill Advantage


Calcite is a precious non-metallic wealth given to mankind by nature. With the gradual improvement of technology, calcite mills are widely used in the application of calcite deep processing, becoming a model for promoting calcite and other non-mineral products to enhance the competitiveness of products and improve comprehensive strength equipment. Today, we mainly come to understand the processing principle and application advantages of Shanghai Zenith Calcite Mill, and see how this deep processing application equipment can achieve broader application value.

In the field of energy saving and consumption reduction, Zenith grinding mill is very suitable for processing calcite. The pulse dust collection system is used to collect dust. The dust collector efficiency is as high as 99.9%. In addition, the classification efficiency of the equipment is very high. The forced turbine classification system is used. Processing products of different finenesses can better meet the development needs of the market.

Scope of Application: Widely used in the production and life fields of electric power, metallurgy, cement, chemicals, building materials, coatings, papermaking, rubber, medicine, food and so on.

Performance advantage: The mill is energy-saving and consumption-reducing equipment for powder processing. It has a small footprint, strong complete set, wide use, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, and high cost performance. It is economical and practical powder processing equipment.

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