Construction Waste Crusher

In the construction waste generated by urban demolition, there are a lot of steel bars. The removal of winding steel bar is not only time consuming but also hard, and the crushing efficiency is reduced. The company has introduced the construction waste crusher production line. When the main engine breaks the construction waste with steel bar, it will hardly appear the phenomenon of the steel winding rotor. It will not jam the main engine, increase the crushing ratio, and improve the cleanliness of the finished aggregate, at the same time, it can meet the environmental protection requirements.

Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste Crusher Price

From the analysis of construction waste crusher market phenomenon, mainly from all aspects of the whole chain of environmental change and economic constraints caused by the construction of garbage crusher price would affect the price of steel, ore prices, the price of building materials in the construction industry, and even the price, this is a chain effect. From the price analysis of all construction waste crusher factories, these prices fluctuate more.

The construction waste is broken and sieved through the construction waste crushing equipment, and the bricks and cement concrete blocks are broken into aggregate. After screening, impurities are removed, forming certain size requirement of building materials, and retrievable rebar and wood can be sorted out. Then according to the gradation design requirements, add cement and fly ash and other excipients to raw materials, add some water and stir it to form different building products and road construction products. These products can replace ordinary sand and gravel for road base.

The reusing of construction waste

The use of building garbage to recover stone materials can eliminate damage to mines and rivers. Due to the requirement of environmental protection, there are more and more restrictions on the mining of sandstone aggregate and the processing of stone plants in the river, which makes the resources of sandstone aggregate become more and more intense. Using building waste to recover stone not only does not need natural resource mining, but also can achieve repeated recycling. It is one of the important ways for sandstone aggregate in the future.

Construction Waste Crusher's frame

The use of abandoned concrete and abandoned masonry to produce coarse aggregate can be used in the production of corresponding strength grade concrete

The use of waste bricks to produce aggregate, can be used for the production of recycled bricks, blocks, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials

Waste residue is used to build road construction, pile foundation, foundation and so on.

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