Gold Ore Crusher

Gold Ore Crusher

The three largest gold mine in the world

  • The Muruntau gold deposit is located in the northern margin of the krkum plate, Uzbekistan, and is an oversize opencast gold mine. The length of the pit is about 3.35km, the width is about 2.5km, and the depth is about 569m. The gold deposit is the largest land gold mine in the world.
  • The Grasberg porphyry copper gold deposit, located in the Ertsberg mining area in Indonesia, is the largest copper deposit in Asia and the largest single gold deposit and open pit in the world.
  • Goldstrike gold deposit is located in North China Dazhou, consisting of a huge open pit operation and two underground mine.

Gold Ore Crushing Flowchat

The gold ore is coarsely broken through the feeder into the jaw crusher, and the coarse broken product is sent to the screening workshop with a belt conveyor. The screening work using two layers of screen will hyperfragmentation products in accordance with the particle size is divided into three types of products, products to the sieve into the jaw crusher again, products with sieving intermediate particle materials collected in the belt conveyor is broken, and sent to the breaking workshop with cone crusher, crushing and screening workshop products back together. The under sifting products are conveyed to the silo by the conveyor belt conveyor

Gold Mining Recovery Rate

The gold ore with exploitation value is 0.3-0.5 grams per ton. Now, most of the average grade of gold mines in China is below 5 grams or even 2 grams. In particular, the average grade of gold ore in Africa is generally between 2-15 grams, but some mines can even reach dozens or even hundreds of grams. With cyaniding, gold recovery rate generally can reach 95% or even more than 98%.

General use of cyaniding technology, is the solution of ore grinding after under alkaline conditions containing cyanide stirring and leaching (or leaching), then the solution containing gold with activated carbon adsorption of gold, then the activated carbon obtained high purity electrolytic analysis of finished gold.

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