Jaw Crusher

The fixed part of the jaw crusher is mainly the frame. In accordance with the strict quality requirements and technical standards, the stability of the crusher should be guaranteed in the operation process. In order to prevent the wear of the side wall of the frame, a protective plate is installed on both sides of the crushing chamber. The length and width of the guard plate are adjusted according to the technical parameters of the jaw crusher, so that the guard plate can be replaced at any time, and the maintenance cost of the guard plate is lower than that of the replacement wall.

jaw crusher

The rotating body is the main control unit of the crusher's performance advantage, and it is also the most important part of the parameters of the jaw crusher. The parts of the rotating body mainly include the moving Hubei, the eccentric axis, the bearing and the pulley. The working principle of the jaw crusher depends on the periodic movement of the movable plate to achieve the crushing process. The material of the moving plate has a direct influence on the crushing strength. Material sandwiched between the movable jaw plate and the middle part of the fixed jaw plate by extrusion crusher, so the optimal type of crushing chamber, can improve the crushing effect.

Jaw Crusher applications

  • Stone Crushing
  • Concrete Crushing
  • Asphalt Crushing
  • Ore Crushing

Operating principle

Jaw crushers operate according to the principle of pressure crushing. The crushing material is crushed in the wedge-shaped pit between the fixed crusher jaw and the crusher jaw articulated on an eccentric shaft. The material is crushed by the elliptic course of movement and transported downwards. This occurs until the material is smaller than the set crushing size.

jaw crusher's frame

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