Sand Washing Machine

Sand washing machine is widely used for the washing of the material gravel pits, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing stations and other industries, but also the sand production line, is essential in the production line of sand stone products. Sand Washing Machine

Working principle of sand washing machine

Sand washing machine work, motor through the belt, reducer, gear reducer drives the impeller to rotate slowly, the sand feed chute into the washing tank, roll driven impeller and grinding each other, remove the gravel covered surface impurities, while destruction of water vapor - coated sand layer, in order to facilitate the dehydration; while adding water, the strong water flow in small proportion of impurities and foreign objects away and discharged from the wash tank overflow outlet, complete the cleaning effect. The clean sand is taken away from the blade, and finally the sand is poured from the rotating impeller to the outlet slot to complete the cleaning of the sand and stone.

Sand Washing Machine

Sand Washing Machine In Stone Production Line

The sand washing machine is used of advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic sand industry developed efficient sand washing equipment, the sand washing machine with clean height, reasonable structure, high yield, less loss of sand sand washing process, especially the transmission parts are separated from water and sand, the sand washing machine failure rate is much lower than the currently used sand washing machine, is the upgrading of domestic washing sand industry preferred.

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