Carbon Black Grinding Plant In Brazil

Project Background

Our client is very reputed carbon black products manufacturer in South America market. The carbon black is made from waste tyres, for recycling usage of waste resources.

Design Scheme

Raw material : Carbon black

Feeding size: 0-10mm;

Output size: 15um,10um, etc

SBM Recommendation: 2 sets SCM1000 model super fine mills

Chemical Report Of Carbon Black

Items Properties
Main Chemical Components Carbon
Density (g/cm3) 1.8~2.1
Color Black, very light, loose, fine
Specific surface area(m2/g) 10-3000
Chemical property Ø  Blackness

Ø  Tint strength

Ø  Tone

Ø  Dispersity

Ø  Light stability

Main Application Of Carbon Black Powder

Application Fields Main Process or Purpose
Black Dye Chinese ink making, printing ink making ,paint making, etc
Rubber Industry Reinforcer and filler of Rubber, tyre making, etc
Important Auxiliary Electrode, dry battery, resistor, dynamite, cosmetics, polishing paste, etc
Others Ultraviolet ray protective,  radio components, etc