Dolomite Grinding Plant For Fertilizer Production

In this customer’s plant, the main uses of dolomite powder in agriculture are to produce calcium magnesium phosphorus (potassium) fertilizer, mineral micro fertilizer and acid soil improvement neutralizer. Divalent magnesium ions can promote the formation of chlorophyll and facilitate the absorption of phosphorus, and can supplement the loss of magnesium in soil. For the production of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer or calcium magnesium potassium fertilizer, the production enterprises generally require chemical composition of dolomite: MgO≥20%, CaO≥30%, and allow the presence of a small amount of impurities such as SiO2, Fe2O3, Al2O3, etc.

Design Scheme

Raw material: Dolomite

Input size: <30mm

Output size: 100mesh-400mesh

Moisture before grinding: Below 6%

Moisture after grinding Below 6%

Capacity: 2.5-10TPH

Equipment: MTW110

For grinding system MTW110 Trapezium Mill is proposed by Shanghai Zenith Mineral Co.,Ltd for the advantages such as simple circuit, easy operation, small space etc.