Shandong Annual Output Of 100,000 Tons Of Limestone Grinding Powder Production Line

The customer is Shandong Daluqiao Company, which has a number of asphalt mixing plant production lines, and purchased a total of 4 sets of milling systems of Group for four production bases. After years of cooperation, customers are very satisfied with the equipment and service.

Design Scheme

Processing raw material: limestone

Design capacity: 100,000 tons / year

Discharge particle size: 200 mesh D90

Finished product use: asphalt mixing plant

Main equipment: MTW175Z (1 unit)

Production Line Advantages

Rational Layout To Solve Site Planning Needs

The engineer conducted a survey of the customer’s site, and fully combined with the compact layout of the MTW mill, and carried out a reasonable planning layout in the space reserved by the customer to satisfactorily solve the customer’s site planning needs.

Eco-friendly And Intelligent

Pulse dust removal equipment is configured for feeding, grinding and finished product transportation and storage to ensure that the production site is clean and environmentally friendly, and there is no dust pollution; Equipped with PLC intelligent control cabinet and remote central control system, saving labor costs and simple and fast operation.

Easy To Operate And Maintain

Important components are made of high-quality steel, the whole machine is durable and reliable, the performance is superior, the failure rate is low, and the installation and adjustment are more convenient.

Efficient After-sales Service

As soon as there is a problem with the operation of the mill, our staff will rush to the customer site at a faster speed to help guide the customer to solve the problem.