Petcoke Grinding Plant In China

Project Background

Our customer is one the largest Oil refinery in China. They mainly sell petcoke raw material before. To further improve the additional market value of the product, our client decided to produce petcoke by themselves, and provide the powder to the industries like cement, steel factory, etc, to be used as fuel.

Design Scheme

Raw material: pet coke

Feeding size: 0-100mm

Output size: 200mesh,D90

Capacity: 50tph

SBM Recommendation: 3 sets MTW215 model European type Raymond mills

Chemical Analysis Of Petcoke

Items Properties
Main Chemical Components Carbon content
Component Analysis (WT%) Carbon: 84.5%,

Volatile Matter: 8%,

Sulfur : 0.5%,

Metallic Compound : 3.7%,

Moisture : 3%,

Ash : 0.3%,

Moh’s Hardness Around 4
Color Black, with metallic luster
Structure Pore Structure
Density (g/cm3) 1.2~1.8
Category According to the structure and appearance of pet coke, it can be divided into needle coke, sponge coke, the projectile coke and coke breeze;

According to the different sulfur content, it can be divided into high sulfur coke and low sulfur coke.

Main Applications Of Pet Coke

Application Fields Main Process or Purpose
Fuel for furnace industry Generally, it’s crushed into the pet coke powder; Pet coke, through primary crushing, drying, strong grinding process ,is made into coke powder with certain specifications;

Then powder will be stably and continuously feeding into furnace, and the producing high heat will melt or heat the materials in the furnace, to get kindly of products confirming to the quality demand

Graphite industry Graphite electrode making, some special carbon products ,etc
Smelting industry Steelmaking, aluminium metallurgy, non-ferrous metal metallurgy ,etc
Chemical industry Carbonization silicon products making, such as all kinds of grinding wheel, burning on, sandpaper, etc
Others Calcium carbide making, synthetic fiber making, acetylene making, etc