Shandong Pyrophyllite Grinding Powder Production Line

The processing material of the project is pyrophyllite, the finished product is used as glass fiber, and the finished product particle size is 200 mesh D98. After visiting the site, the customer is very satisfied with the production capacity and safety of our equipment, so he purchased the MTM series of medium speed trapezoidal mills.

Design Scheme

Processing raw material: pyrophyllite

Discharge particle size: 200 mesh D98

Finished product use: glass fiber

Main equipment: MTM130 (2 units)

Production Line Advantages

Well Laid Out

Vertical structure, small footprint, strong complete set, self-contained production system, saving land area, better meet customer needs.

Easy To Operate And Maintain

The structure design is more compact, the performance is superior, the air volume and wind pressure are stable, the failure rate is low, and the installation and debugging are more convenient.


The use of negative pressure system, equipped with professional dust removal equipment, to achieve dust-free work site, in line with national environmental protection standards.

Efficient After-sales Service

As soon as there is a problem with the operation of the mill, our staff will rush to the customer site at a faster speed to help guide the customer to solve the problem.