Shandong Water Plant Slag Processing Production Line Site

Customer Situation

Shandong Cement Factory slag processing production line purchased a total of 8 sets of Henan Heavy Industry equipment, with an output of 18-20 tons, the service life of the equipment exceeded 5 years, creating great value for customers, energy saving and environmental protection, saving a large amount of electricity costs for the cement plant, to a large extent replacing the ball mill, and creating more efficient value.

Design Scheme

Equipment: vertical mill

Processing material: water slag, 18-20t/h

Performance Characteristics

1. Advanced technology, long service life.

2. Centralized lubrication system, easy maintenance (unique design of centralized lubrication system, component lubrication is faster, maintenance workload is small, which is also a significant feature of our company).

3. Simple structure, convenient maintenance (under the basic principle of compound swing, simplify redundant components, the overall structure of the equipment is concise, the crushing capacity is strong, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the operation cost is low. )


Vertical mill milling efficiency, large output, compared with the ball mill, more power saving, worry and effort, environmental protection and energy saving, water content control is also very good, we have eliminated the ball mill all.