XZM236H Mill For Making 800-2000mesh Marble Powder


The company is doing Marble cutting and Natural Marble block selling business with decades years. While due to new construction materials coming out day by day, traditional marble products are kind of out of date.
So company directors want to find new profit point, finally they go for GCC powder making.

Design Scheme

Raw material: Marble

Feeding size: -400mm

Moisture: Max. 0.6%

Product fineness: D97=8-20um

Capacity: 2.0-4.0TPH

Voltage&frequency: 415V/50HZ

Firstly, the -400mm marble feed into small jaw crusher, then the output material feeds into hammer crusher. These -10mm raw material feeds into XZM236H mill evenly via belt feeder. After the mill crush and grind these material, then form the fine powder. Due to air flow, these powder go to the classification part, then fine powder pass through the classifier blade and collect by the dust filter and then pack into bags.