Aggregate Plant Business Design

It is important to prove reserves for accurate valuation of a mining operation. The most accurate ROI calculations are based on comprehensive drill data throughout the breadth of the deposit.

This is common sense to some and overkill to others, but knowledge of the depth, size and mineral the deposit is comprised of gives confidence to investors and insight to your mine planning. The number and location of boreholes required can vary widely among different deposits depending on their size and uniformity, so it is important to consult experts in the field during this process.

Once this data is gathered, SBM provides assistance in calculating the cost of running and maintaining our equipment so that your profitability expectations are met or exceeded.

A fines recovery system may significantly reduce the amount of fines sent to the pond. This can cut cleanout costs in half and may provide a sellable product, but these results vary based on the deposit, so testing is critical. The next step is to recover the process water and thicken the solids in the tailings to greatly reduce pond size and provide process water at the wash plant, saving horsepower on water pumps.

The last stage is to take the thickened solids and press them into a cake. This allows for the complete elimination of settling ponds, opening up land for mining, eliminating costs of cleaning out those ponds and, sometimes, adding a sellable product.


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