Calcium Carbonate Ultrafine Grinding Mill

200 mesh calcium carbonate powder can be used as raw materials for plastics, rubber, paint, waterproof materials and interior and exterior wall painting, and can also be used as various feed additives.

For the production of 200 mesh ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder, we can use our fully functional LM series vertical roller mill. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying. It is an economical and efficient 200 mesh ultra-fine grinding machine. It has the characteristics of low operating cost, simple operation and maintenance, reliable quality of finished products, energy saving and environmental protection.

300 mesh calcium carbonate powder is widely used in paper, dry mortar, feed, and artificial marble industry.

The MTW trapezium mill is ideal for the production of 300 mesh calcium carbonate powder. It adopts the latest grinding technology and concept in Europe, and fully combines the characteristics of non-metallic mineral materials. The unique curved blade design effectively increases the working area and increases the output. The double-barrel isolation structure design of the new powder collector promotes the greatly improved powder collection efficiency and avoids the circulation of the powder.

500 mesh calcium carbonate powder can be used in paints, coatings, cables, and daily chemical products.

The LUM series of ultra-fine vertical mills are well suited to the production of 500 mesh fine powders of various non-metallic mineral materials. It perfectly combines Taiwan’s grinding roller technology with German powder selection technology. It is a vertical milling equipment that integrates ultra-fine grinding, grading and conveying. The advanced milling principle shortens the residence time of the material in the grinding chamber, avoids repeated grinding, and the product has high whiteness and purity, and the quality is guaranteed.

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