Clinker Grinder Machine Cost in China

Blended cements have been produced for decades in some countries, and in recent years, a renewed interest in the production of such cements can be found all over the world. There are many reasons for this, with one of the main reasons being that the production of blended cements results in a lower overall production cost, a fact that has been strongly accentuated with the increase in fuel and power prices.

The ability to have a partial substitution of clinker with replacement materials also results in an overall increased plant capacity without a large capital investment in terms of additional clinker production. Blended cements can have some advantages over pure Portland cement in end use properties such as lower heat development during hardening and an improved durability of the final concrete structures.

Clinker Grinding Process

The clinker that has now been produced will behave just like cement, but it is in particles up to 3 cm in diameter. These are ground down to a fine powder to turn the clinker into useful cement.

The cement clinker grinding circuit reduces the feed from 80% passing size between 10 and 20 mm to 100% passing 90 microns. The size reduction takes place in a two- compartment tube mill; the first compartment of the mill is shorter than the second compartment. The coarse clinker is ground in the first compartment where larger balls (80, 60, 50 mm) are used and the fine grinding is done in the second compartment where smaller balls (below 25 mm) are used.

Cliner Grinding Machine

To produce the final product the clinker is mixed with gypsum, which is added as a set retarder, and ground for approximately 30 minutes in large tube mills. The cement flows from the inlet to the outlet of the mill (a rotating chamber), being first ground with 60 mm then 30 mm diameter steel balls. The first grinding breaks up the material and the second grinds it to a fine powder. The amount of grinding is governed by the volume of cement fed into the mill: the greater the volume the coarser the grind.

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