Coal Vibration Feeder Sale

Coal vibrating feeders provide essentially the most effective and economical method of conveying bulk materials. Vibrating feeders are extensively utilized in coal, iron and steel performs, collieries quarries, gas functions, mines, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, rubber, clay and glass industries for handling all varieties of supplies – big lumps of ore down to fine chemical compounds – hot or cold – dry or damp – capacities from 50 grams to 2000 tons per hour.

Features and rewards

Coal vibrating feeder range can offer many benefits over typical belt conveyors which involve:

  • Low upkeep;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • High operational safety levels;
  • Easy to clean / lowered contamination;
  • Pre-separation of fines;
  • Improved feed presentation;
  • Wear / impact resistance;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Smooth vibrating;
  • The distance between fences is adjustable;
  • Frequency conversion motor could be equipped to facilitate feeding handle, and frequent startup of motor is avoided.

Vibrating feeders safeguard the belt conveyors from harm by feeding the material onto the belt conveyors from storage hoppers, silos, surge hoppers and dumpers at a controlled rate. Vibrating Feeders are operated by employing pulsating existing. This current when passed by way of stator produces a series of interrupted pulls on the armature. The resultant is 3000 vibrations per minute.

Coal vibrating feeder parts

Vibrating feeders consist of vibrating tray fitted to a power unit of considerable weight. The electromagnetic unit is mounted inside the heavy power unit. The energy unit also homes the spring bars, which consist of several leaf springs clamped in the two ends with the power unit. A heavy fabricated center piece carries the magnet armature at one particular finish and the vibrating feeder tray at the other end. The center piece is tightly clamped around the middle of the spring technique. The feed tray is of heavy welded construction with stiffeners and gussets to supply rigidity.

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