Copper Ore Manufacturing Machinery

The ore is crushed, ground and then concentrated by froth flotation. The powdered ore is mixed with a special paraffin oil which makes the copper mineral particles water repellent. It is then fed into a bath of water containing a foaming agent which produces a kind of bubble bath.

When jets of air are forced up through the bath, the water repellent copper mineral particles are picked up by the bubbles of foam. They float to the surface making a froth. The unwanted waste rock (gangue) falls to the bottom and is removed.

The froth is skimmed off the surface and the enriched ore (mainly the copper mineral) is taken away for roasting. The mixture of water, foaming agent and paraffin is recycled. After this stage the enriched ore now contains about 25% copper by mass.

Copper Ore Manufacturing Machinery

Mining Equipment

Copper ore can be mined by open pit quarrying method and underground mining method. Drilling, blasting, quarrying equipment will be involved.

Crushing Plant

The beginningfor all copper is to mine sulfide and oxide ores through digging or blasting and then crushing it to walnut-sized pieces. SBM provide jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, gyratory crusher and mobile crusher for copper crushing.

Grinding Mill

Crushed ore is ball or rod-milled in large, rotating, cylindrical machines until it becomes a powder usually containing less than 1 percent copper. Sulfide ores are moved to a concentrating stage, while oxide ores are routed to leaching tanks.

Concentrating Machine

Minerals are concentrated into a slurry that is about 15% copper. Waste slag is removed. Water is recycled. Tailings (left-over earth) containing copper oxide are routed to leaching tanks or are returned to the surrounding terrain. Once copper has been concentrated it can be turned into pure copper cathode in two different ways: Leaching & electrowinning or smelting and electrolytic refining.

Leaching Equipment

Oxide ore and tailings are leached by a weak acid solution, producing a weak copper sulfate solution


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