Dolomite Crushing Production Project

Project description:This set of production line matching is designed according to the actual site survey situation or customer’s actual requirements, which fully reflects the rationality, effectiveness and applicability of the design. The large processing capacity, low wear and low operating cost are its distinctive features.

Production capacity: 500-600 tons per hour

Processing material: Dolomite

Discharge fineness: 0-15mm

Process Flow

After the blasting treatment or excavation, the wool with less than 1400mm is uniformly crushed by the feeder and is crushed by the jaw crusher. The semi-finished material crushed by the jaw crusher is 95-300mm, and conveyed to the impact crusher through the belt conveyor. After the crushing, the less than 40mm mixed aggregate after the secondary crushing is transported to the subsequent screening workshop through the belt conveyor for grading and screening. After the screening, the larger particulate material required by the user will be returned to the counter-crushing through the belt conveyor. The machine is cycled and crushed, and the finished products of different particle grades that meet the customer’s needs after screening are transported to the finished silo through the discharge belt conveyor.

According to the needs of the project, the system can also be equipped with a sand making system for the production of reasonable grades of fine sand. When it is necessary to produce fine sand, it can be separated from a sieve screening workshop to separate 5-40mm mixture. The belt conveyor is transported to the semi-finished silo of the sand making workshop, and then the material is evenly fed to the sand making machine through the vibrating feeder, and the finished mixture which has been crushed by the sand making machine is transported to the second screening and screening workshop through the belt conveyor. Screening is performed to separate finished products of different particle grades. If the finished sand needs to be washed, it can also be equipped with a sand washing machine for washing the finished sand.

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