Feldspar Dressing Process

Feldspar group minerals common characteristics, has shallow color, mostly white, gray, white, red meat, green, light brown, the color line. Vitreous luster. Low refractive index ( 1.514 ~ 1.588 ) and the birefringence ( 0.006 ~ 0.013 ). Two axis are crystal or negative crystal. Small relative density ( 2.5 ~ 2.7 ). Secondary hardness ( 6 ~ 6.5 ).

Feldspar Ore Dressing Process

(1) hand selected, crushing, grading water-powered roller;

(2)weathered granite feldspar in crushing, grinding, grading, flotation (except iron, mica ) (quartz, feldspar or flotation separation);

(3)aplite in crushing, grinding, screening of feldspar, magnetic separation. The first use of roller mill grinding efficiency, small processing capacity.

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