Granite Crusher Supplier in Europe

Minerals are used in everyday life, as construction materials (crushed rock, sand and gravel) for infrastructure, buildings, and roads, and for industrial purposes (e.g. metals, lime, kaolin, silica sand, talc) in the production of steel, cars, computers, medicines, human and animal foodstuffs and fertilizers applications etc.

Granite Crushing Equipment

Granite is an igneous rock that is composed of four minerals. These minerals are quartz, feldspar, mica, and usually hornblende. Granite forms as magma cools far under the earth’s surface. Because it hardens deep underground it cools very slowly. This allows crystals of the four minerals to grow large enough to be easily seen by the naked eye.

After extracted from the deposit, the granite materials will be conveyed to the crushing equipment. The feeder or screens separate large boulders from finer rocks that do not require primary crushing, thus reducing the load to the primary crusher.

Jaw crusher, impact crusher, or gyratory crushers are usually applied in primary size reduction. The undersize crushed material usually are conveyed as coarse aggregates. Further crushing will be processed by impact crusher, cone crusher and VSI crusher etc.

Granite Crusher Supplier in Europe

With the economy development in Europe, infrastructure construction requires huge volume of aggregate materials. Granite is an excellent material for building bridges and buildings because it can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. It is also used for monuments because it weathers slowly.Granite is one of the main source of construction materials. To produce high quality manufactured sand or aggregate material from granite, high quality crusher plant required.

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