Graphite Grinding Machine Supplier

Graphite is a kind of carbon allotrope – hexagonal system of crystals. It is often appear in the cast iron and graphite steel containing an organizational component. It is generally soft, dark gray, the hardness of 1-2, with the impurities along the vertical direction to increase its hardness can be increased to 3 to 5, the proportion of 1.9 to 2.3. In addition, it conductivity, thermal conductivity.

Graphite Grinding Machine

(1)Ball mill is utilized for grinding coarse graphite ore. In the graphite grinding process, many ball grinding mills function together.

(2)Raymond mill may be the fine grinding machine used for regrinding of concentrate. It can grind graphite into powder with 325 mesh.

(3)These graphite grinding mill compose several grinding method. Within the graphite processing plant, usually graphite go by means of 6 grinding procedure and 5 concentration method.

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