Jaw Crusher Single Toggle and Double Toggle

Single Toggle Jaw Crusher

A typical feature of single-toggle jaw crushers is the suspension of the swing jaw on the eccentric drive shaft. The swing jaw is supported at its lower part by a toggle plate positioned against the crusher frame. The kinematics of such a toggle system results in a higher throughput capacity than that achieved with double-toggle jaw crushers with the same feed opening.

Different feed material characteristics have led to a diversification of the single-toggle jaw crushers by rock hardness. Available in four sizes in light or heavy construction each,they achieve throughput rates ranging between 250 t/h and 1,300 t/h.

Depending on the requirement,our product line ranges from large-scale single-toggle jaw crushers to be integrated in either stationary or semi-stationary crushing plants to a model specially conceived for being integrated into road-transportable crushing plants. Single-toggle jaw crushers are outstanding for their high throughput capacity, simple construction, low weight and low space requirement.

Double Toggle Jaw Crusher

Double-toggle jaw crushers are equipped with a system of toggle levers, which are moved up and down by a pitman via an eccentric shaft. The alternating stretching and bending movements cause an oscillating motion of the swing jaw. Since the material to be crushed falls down by gravitation, the pressure which is necessary to crush the material is generated, when theswing jaw moves forward in the narrowing crushing chamber.

This process is intensified by the toothing on the crushing jaw liners.When the swing jaw retreats, the crushed material exits the crushing chamber through the pre-selected gap at the bottom,while new material slips down from the top.The toggle lever system ensures a very good power transmission from thedrive unit to the crushing tools.

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