Limestone Crushing and Sizing Equipment

To get the desired limestone, it will need the limestone crushing machine and the sizing equipment. Limestone crusher and the limestone classifier will help the whole production line to be high yield and help the customers make high profits.

Limestone hammer impact crusher

Most limestone plants these days extract limestone by blasting. This produces many oversize boulders which often contain a lot of clay and sand. The crusher therefore has to handle feed containing fairly large blocks as well as some sticky materials. The proven and reliable SBM hammer impact crusher is a cost effective solution for processing abrasive and moderately sticky raw materials in one stage.

All exposed surfaces in the crusher including the adjustable breaker plates are lined with bolted-on wear-resistant plates. The inlet rollers consist of a cylinder and a concentric shaft which is driven by a separate motor. Rubber pads inserted between the shaft and the cylinder make the rollers shock absorbent. The hammer rotor assembly consists of a heavy-duty, forged shaft with a square cross-section and fitted with rotor discs. The special ′sandwich′ assembly of the discs is a robust construction which prevents distortion and crack formation.

Limestone classifier

The classifier, limestone sizing equipment, is widely applied to separate the limestone particles into a number of products graded according to the size in the complete closed loop together with ball mill in the mining process, separating light particles from heavy particles in the gravity separation process, separating of fine particles and liquid from coarse particles in the metal ore mining process, separating the slurry or liquid from solid particles in ore mining plant.

Besides to bringing you high performance, the limestone spiral classifier is also designed to bring your total mining cost down. Each unique feature of this machine brings specific benefits that have a direct impact on the bottom line-which means that you will be more profitable. Those who have owned and operated this machine know that not all classifiers are the same!

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